Safari Trip - Liveaboard

Safari Trip - Liveaboard

Our safary boat, Bajo Dive I, was built in sulawesi, and can carry 6 passengers included the bajo dive crew. There are three cabins, each with two beds and AC include a bed and towels. The large deck is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing after diving, or even for sleeping under the stars. The wet area at the rear of the ship is fully equipped or diving. of course safary won't be complete without a lot of delicious food ! And we are proud to offer fresh cooked food and snacks from our ship kitchen, with plenty of drinks available whenever you want. if you give us a little notice, we can also meet all dietary requirments - just talk to one of our staff when you order to see what can be arranged.

Safety is a top priority and all our vessels carry the necessasry communication equipment and rescue vests. fire extinguishers and first aid equipment and emergency oxigen. we also have freshwater drums for bathing and cleaning all diving equipment including cameras.

Choose your trip here :

Diving safari 2 Days / 1 Nights

Diving safari 3 Days / 2 Nights

Diving safari 4 Days / 3 Nights

Leisure safari at Komodo National Park

Extra options, charges & DAN insurance:

Additional dive or night diveRp.   300.000 (per tank)
Safari program to the SouthRp.   100.000 (per pax / per day)
Torch rentalRp.   100.000 (per piece / per night - full trip rental)
Camera rentalRp.   250.000 (per piece / per day - full trip rental)
Dive Computer rentalRp.    50.000 (per piece / per day - full trip rental)

Adventure Dive 


Rp.   800.000 (per pax / per adventure dive)
Open Water Diver CourseRp. 4.200.000 (minimum 2 pax & safari program allows)
Advanced Open Water Diver CourseRp. 3.000.000 (per pax)


DAN World Shortterm insurance (Dive accident coverage for scuba diving & freediving):

1 Day coverageUSD 10
2 Day coverage  USD 20
3 - 5 Day coverageUSD 30
6 - 10 Day coverageUSD 40
11 - 30 Day coverageUSD 50

Note: ask for more details & we can sign you up directly! (Local exchange rate applies)

Komodo National Park fees

Komodo National Park & Retribusie DIVING:        

Foreigner WNA (Monday until Saturday)Rp. 275.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Monday until Saturday)  Rp.  80.000 (per pax / per day)
Foreigner WNA (Sunday & public holiday)Rp. 350.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Sunday & public holiday)  Rp.  82.500 (per pax / per day)

Komodo National Park & Retribusie SNORKELING:

Foreigner WNA (Monday until Saturday)Rp. 265.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Monday until Saturday)Rp.  45.000 (per pax / per day)
Foreigner WNA (Sunday & public holiday)Rp. 340.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Sunday & public holiday)Rp.  47.500 (per pax / per day)

Note: Prices Komodo National Park 2021 are not released yet! Extra fees for Komodo-, Padar- and Rinca Island apply! Foreigners with Kitas / Kitap pay normal fee!