Safari Trip - Liveaboard

Dive Safari Boat / Liveaboard

Enjoy several days' Dive safari or leisure trip', exploring world-class dive sites, with our comfortable budget wooden live-aboard boat.

Wooden spacious Safari boat facilitated with 4 double cabins, blankets and towels, two shared bathrooms with western toilet & shower. 

The main deck has a shady area with a large wooden table & benches. 

On the upper deck is a chill area with mattresses. Diving wet area with tank holders below.

Full board freshly cooked 3 meals a day, fruits, snacks, coffee& tea & drinking water free flow.

Emergency equipment: marine radio, GPS, live raft, fire extinguisher, life jackets, life rings, emergency oxygen and first aid kit.

A Dive Safari experience is the ultimate way of combining diving and relaxing in a natural environment together with family, friends or fellow travellers.

Choose your trip here :

Diving safari 2 Days / 1 Nights

Diving safari 3 Days / 2 Nights

Diving safari 4 Days / 3 Nights

Leisure safari at Komodo National Park


Additional diveRp.   300.000 (per tank)
Safari program to the SouthRp.   150.000 (per pax / per day)
Torch rentalRp.   100.000 (per piece / per night - per full trip rental)
Camera rentalRp.   not available at the moment 
Dive Computer rentalRp.    75.000 (per piece / per day - full trip rental)

Adventure Dive -add on


Rp.   900.000 (per pax / per adventure dive)
Open Water Diver CourseRp. 4.500.000 (minimum 2 pax & safari program allows)
Advanced Open Water Diver CourseRp. 3.500.000 (per pax)


DAN World Short-term insurance (Dive accident coverage for scuba diving & free-diving):

1 Day coverageUSD 10
2 Day coverage  USD 20
3 - 5 Day coverageUSD 30
6 - 10 Day coverageUSD 40
11 - 30 Day coverageUSD 50

Note: ask for more details & we can sign you up directly! (Local exchange rate applies)

Komodo National Park fees

Komodo National Park & Retribution DIVING:        

Foreigner WNA (Monday until Saturday)Rp. 275.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Monday until Saturday)  Rp.  80.000 (per pax / per day)
Foreigner WNA (Sunday & public holiday)Rp. 350.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Sunday & public holiday)  Rp.  82.500 (per pax / per day)

Komodo National Park & Retribution SNORKELING:

Foreigner WNA (Monday until Saturday)Rp. 215.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Monday until Saturday)Rp.  45.000 (per pax / per day)
Foreigner WNA (Sunday & public holiday)Rp. 290.000 (per pax / per day)
Local WNI (Sunday & public holiday)Rp.  47.500 (per pax / per day)

Note: Prices visit Komodo Dragons 2023 

Extra fees for Komodo-, Padar- and Rinca Island apples! 

Foreigners with Kitas/Kitap pay normal fee!